Stuff of Life

10850000_10152797290866441_7555217108216999318_nStuff of Life is an annual community arts festival in Sherwood Rise, Nottingham centred on Hedley Park and the streets around it. This year (2015) it will be on Saturday 5th September.

It features live music from local bands and performers on a main stage in the park and acoustic acts in an old bakery building opposite. There’s a spoken word stage in a back garden, a cafe out on the street and loads of craft stalls from local producers. You can find art on the railings around the park and take part in a music and dance procession around the local streets. There are activities for children, including a mini-cinema in a garage and a chill out tent.

The festival has a foody theme, bread to be precise, because it used to be made around these parts in large quantities. Not just the white sliced stuff, but a local speciality – pyclets – were produced in a small specialist bakery opposite the park for many years. Bread is also common to the many nationalities and cultures that have made their homes around this part of Nottingham – it is indeed the stuff of life.

MollyQueen currently organise the stalls for the stuff of life festival. If you would like to be involved, please email ‘BANANAS’ to and we will let you know more info about how to apply.

Stuff of Life

Saturday 5th September 12 – 6pm

Hedley Park


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