Pirate Park Picnic – Tuesday 4th August – 12 noon – 2pm

The Pirate Park site is steeped in local history, with its origins as a lido. Carrington Lido opened on the 29th July 1937 and closed in 1988. Before that, The Great Central Railway passed through the area stopping at Carrington Station between 1899 and 1929. The station was based where the Open University Clarendon Buildings are now, just next to the roundabouts where Mansfield Road meets Gregory Boulevard. For more history, this article is an interesting read and tells you more about the history of Sherwood too.


Over recent years, the Pirate Park in Carrington has taken a bit of a beating in regard to it’s favour with local children and families. After the fabulous renovation a fair few years back, when the park was truly themed as the Pirate Park with the addition of wooden ships and blue bark to boot, it has slowly found itself in steady decline. With damage to the wooden structures, missing parts, litter and even drug paraphernalia being found in the children’s sandpit.

Throughout this, it is still a widely used park by a variety of age groups, from younger children to young adults. The two newest additions to the park (the bird nest swing and the giant orange see-saw) are great for older children too, but as they are the most exciting items there, this tends to mean that there just isn’t enough to go around, which can leave people feeling resentful of the bigger kids that tend to hang around whilst their toddlers get bored waiting for a go. We believe that by adding/maintaining some other play structures for younger children, and incorporating wider play options into the space, we can once again restore this valuable open space to it’s former glory, ensuring that there is something available for everyone, so that every child, of any age, feels welcome to play and explore.


There has been a lot of community input in years gone by, when a group set up by the local community, called ‘The Friends of Pirate Park’ worked together to generate funding and incorporate local children’s artwork into the decorations on the park. There is also a local Carrington Residents and Tenants Association, who work tirelessly to manage any problems in regard to the local area and improve community cohesion.

Friends of Pirate Park are now back, and are looking for people to get involved. Help us to restore an under-loved and unmaintained space with plenty of potential back into it’s pride of place within the community. Being involved can be anything from letting us know what you think about the park via our facebook group, coming to meetings and being a part of the action group or just visiting the park and making use of the space!


Another way you could help is by coming to this community event; a chance to meet your neighbours, play and even get stuck into a park clean up (if you fancy it). If you are a keen gardener, bring your gloves, if you have a penchant for litter-picking, bring a bin bag or if you just want to sit in the sunshine and enjoy a picnic with your family, we would love to see you. There will be face painting, story telling, nature activities, games and more.

If you want to be involved with FOPP, please do get in touch. We are currently operating through facebook at the moment but we will soon have an email that you can use to contact the group. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you at PP soon.

pirate park picnic poster

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The Stuff of Life


We are pleased to announce that MollyQueen will one again be hosting the Marvellous Market as a part of this year’s Stuff of Life Festival. The festival takes place in a quiet, residential area of Sherwood Rise around a beautiful and secluded, little park. There will be live music across two stages, arts and crafts, community cafe’s, child-sized cinema, face painting, family fun and activities, art on the railings and lots more…

A celebration of the local community, it’s history, it’s food, it’s general marvellousness…. it really is the STUFF of LIFE.

If you would like to be involved as a stall holder, please email ‘BANANAS’ to themollyqueen@googlemail.com and we will get back to you, spaces are limited and we have already filled up over half of the stalls, so get in quick. Here are some images from the last festival to whet your appetite!

See you on Saturday September the 5th, 12 – 6pm.



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Two days left to see “It’s not the baby blues” – An exhibition exploring the impact of Post Natal Depression.


Post Natal Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects 10-15 per cent of new mothers. It usually develops within six weeks of giving birth and can come on gradually or all of a sudden. It can range from being relatively mild to very severe.

Open House Nottingham is a local charity that works to support mother’s experiencing post natal depression. They have teamed up with Paul Dale, a local photographer to raise awareness of the condition and to showcase ten remarkable women and their experiences.

Open House and Paul Dale invite you to view the powerful images of survivors of this debilitating mental health problem that is often suffered in silence, behind closed doors.

This is an exhibition close to my heart, as I am sure it will be to many of you. The stories shared and the images that accompany them are powerful and incredibly moving.

There are only two days left of this wonderful exhibition, do not let it pass you by.

The Henderson Gallery

The Malt Cross

Last day – Sunday 28th July

 11665647_10153345340220211_6447887465068418621_n 1509892_10153345339345211_5138899100445672103_n

Facebook event page

Paul Dale website

Open House website

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Face Value – Coming soon….!

Face Value postflyer copy

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Face Value – An interactive exhibition exploring mental health at more than face value. 

The main concept of the event is to explore the themes surrounding mental health and stigma through art and creativity. The focus will be a showcase of local artwork that will portray themes surrounding mental health, stigma, society, emotions, people’s personal stories and recovery.
There will also be live music, performance and spoken word. We plan to include other activities that support a positive impact upon mental health such as; nutritional therapy, yoga, mindfulness and self esteem building.
The idea is to come along, learn something, be inspired, express yourself, meet new people, feel safe in expression and most of all, have fun!
The exhibition itself is open to local artists and we will be looking for a wide range of mediums. We plan to create a number of activities and installations aimed toward providing information, encouraging discourse and promoting freedom of expression.
Is this something you would like to be a part of? Do you all ready have artwork that fits the bill? Or would you like to make something especially for the night? The event is totally free and it wont cost anything to display your work on the night. The show is an exhibition and so if you would like to advertise the cost of your work, that is fine to do but items will need to remain on show until the event has finished.
If anyone is interested in being involved, all you need to do is pop us an email with some photo’s of your work or a description about what you would like to do and we will let you know what happens from there!
All details about the event and location etc will be released nearer the time. Though it will be in October 2015.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries or want to be involved in some way, we’d love to hear from you!
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MollyQueen’s Mini Night Market – Tuesday 16th June – 7pm

Celebrating Ten Years of Hotel Deux… where MollyQueen first began! Incase you arent familiar with Deux (also known as The Guitar Bar) its a friendly and unique music venue set in the Sherwood Rise area of Nottingham. Having been open for ten years now, they are putting on a celebration of all the things that make Deux what it is. One of those things is being the birthplace of the Marvellous Market. So come and celebrate with us and sample the atmosphere…

Kicking off the festivities with a mini night market, live music from near and far, a ‘meet and greet’ from The Nottingham Organic Gardeners and plenty more stuff to sink your creative, community minded teeth into.

This event will also be a meeting place for those who are participating in the Face Value project. A chance to meet up and share ideas, inspiration and find out all the stuff you need to know in the run up to the event.

For more about FV incase you havent heard of it yet… follow this here linkage….

Come along MollyQueeners, we are long overdue a catch up!

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Marvellous much?


We are stuck in doing the final bits of twiddly tweaking and planning and pruning and checking and counting and packing the goodie bags and phew…. we stopped to think for just a moment and it suddenly struck us. This event is going to be totally utterly extremely fantastically and super ace mega boom awesome pants marvellous!

Is it too late to change the poster?

We popped along to the wonderful Sherwood Christmas Craft fair a couple of weekends ago and bumped into a few of our featured artists…. oh me oh my are they brilliant!? We absolutely can NOT wait to see the wonderful array of brilliance that will be on show on the 6th. Christmas come early? We think so!!

Here’s a handy countdown timer:


And here’s a poster:

Christmas Poster

And here is our email address incase you have any questions:


Oh…oh…. and the link to googlemaps:


Peace out, yo!


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