Artist Profiles

Lauren Hunt – MollyQueen

Once upon a time she did decoupage, paper crafts, sculpture and up-cycled furniture, created using recycled books and papers. Now she thinks she wants to be an awareness raiser, thought provoker and an interchangeable ideas woman.

Bees Make Honey

A child of the 70s I grew up with a ‘make do and mend attitude’ and always enjoyed creating things from objects that would otherwise find themselves in the bin. Sewing has been my main outlet more recently and last winter I found myself with enough items to stock a modest craft stall …and so ‘bees make honey’ came out of the hive.

 Gifts by Genie

Hand stitched and embroidered felt accessories ranging from pencil toppers to hair clips.

Mwanabibi Sikamo  – Bibusa

Ethical gifts from Africa. Promoting the best of Africa and supporting sustainable development through the encouragement of skills training.

Katie Stainer

Katie is a Nottingham based papercraft artist specialising in unique origami jewellery and home accessories created using recycled and reclaimed books.

As a child Katie was fascinated by books, stories and papers, and during her time at University this interest developed into a passion. Katie graduated in 2011 with a BA(Hons) in Decorative Arts, specialising in paper manipulation, and continues to create unique pieces of wearable art using found books and papers.


Lex Watt, trading as Zalisander, creates Contemporary Silver and Gold jewellery using  traditional techniques learnt in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. The designs are often whimsical and light, and are either unique or limited edition pieces that emphasize quality of materials and craftmanship. Lex has serious monomania and loves going to work more than she ever thought possible!


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