MollyQueen Collective are a Nottingham based Artist Collective who work through a range of different mediums. We host regular Marvellous Markets and Night Markets offering the opportunity for everyone to express their creativity, create a platform for selling their artwork and meet lots of other like-minded people. Our events incorporate live music, food, art, creativity and the social aspect of a community with the aim of opening up the world of art to everyone and emphasising the importance of self expression in our daily lives.

We aspire, through creativity, to help our communities come together, support local business, boost moral and confidence and strengthen the ties that we have with creativity and self expression.

To get involved, pop along to a Marvellous event or email us for a chat



One Response to About

  1. Dear Molly Queen, I recently visited the Sherwood Craft Fair last Saturday and was impressed by your collection and Networks of artists and Crafters. My Name is Glenis Williams and I work at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green. We are currently organising a craft fair and wondered if you would like a stall. As this is our craft fair all stall are free of charge. This is a great opportunity to showcase work in a local contemporary galley on your doorstep. We have about 4 stall available, during out Craft and Culture Family Festival Day on Saturday 29th November 12-5pm.

    My contact details are Glenis@nae.org.uk
    Tel: 0115 924 8630

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Regards and best wishes


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