Whats “MENTAL” is that it hasn’t been done already….

Almost one in five people feel anxious all or a lot of the time, yet only seven per cent of people who say they suffer from anxiety seek help from their GP. (Mental Health Foundation: Living With Anxiety report, 2014)

Thats a lot of anxiety with little help sought. This is one of the reasons I am happy that Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a shadow “Minister for Mental Health” as a part of his new shadow cabinet. “Luciana Berger will directly work on mental health issues and consider how they can best be addressed by the NHS and prioritised by a Labour government.” About time we had more focus upon mental health and the impact that is has upon people and their lives. (read the full story HERE)

Something else I find interesting about this appointment is that the position has no identical counterpart in the Conservative government…Anyway… enough about politics, lets go back to what we at MollyQueen are all about. Making Art accessible to all… We look forward to listening to the personal survival stories of people who have experienced mental health problems… viewing their heart felt art… finding motivation and beauty in the world, through people who wish to share their knowledge and experiences, for the joy of helping other people….

FACE VALUE – Sneak peeks and snippets…

This is what is next for us...

Carnival MAD 15 – Madness, Mayhem and Merriment

Workshop activities – FREE as a part of Face Value – An interactive exhibition exploring the themes surrounding mental health.

Nutritional Resilience – Guest talk as a part of Face Value. Learn about the impact of nutrition on mental health, how society influences our dietary choices and how you can eat good food for a better you and a better planet.

Dance Workshops – get moving and feel the buzz of exercise through a fun focused workshop aimed around improving your confidence, self esteem and happiness levels!

Speed Art – yes, that’s right! Come and try your hand at Speed Art with one of our fantastically talented featured artists.

Mini Marvellous Market – With Art and creativity being such a widely used ‘therapy’ for those with mental health problems, we have decided to celebrate the joys of making stuff by hosting a miniature Marvellous Market as a part of the Carnival. Here are a few of the artists that will be showcasing their wares:

Gifts by Genie (fabulous felt works, jewellery, brooches, pins and stationary).

Paul Gidley (fantastic prints with a unique social commentary and anarchic slant)

Live Music from local musicians (more info coming soooon!!! We are very excited to have one of our personal faves back with us!)

Speakers Corner – Poets, passionate protagonists, pesky conversationalists and more…

For a fuller experience of Carnival MAD 15 – why not book your tickets in advance. You will be able to access all of this AND the carnival conference.

For a booking form contact carolineopenfutures@yahoo.com


About themollyqueen

Mollyqueen collective are a Nottingham based Artist collective who work through a range of different mediums. We host regular Marvellous Markets and Night markets offering the opportunity for everyone to express their creativity, create a platform for selling their work and meet lots of other like-minded people. Our events incorporate live music, food, art, creativity and the social aspect of a community with the aim of opening up the world of art to everyone and emphasising the importance of self expression in our daily lives.
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