Pirate Park Picnic – A fantastic success


Huge thanks to everyone who came to the Pirate Park Picnic last week.

It was lovely to find so many friends of the Pirate Park and to watch the children playing. Special thanks to our fabulous storyteller from A Touch of History and JayFace the most amazing face painter in existence. Further thanks to the wonderful May from Forest Kids Nottingham for her nature activities, including fairy door making and nature hats.

Nottingham City Council were there to tell people about their plans for the redevelopment for the park. Nothing is set in stone yet, but they have plans that they hope to be formalised by the middle of September. We are hoping to hold another event around then so that everyone can express their views about the proposals.

The redevelopments should be going ahead in November, so expect the park to close for a few weeks while they get busy. As soon as we know more, we will let you know!

We will be emailing everyone who gave us their email address soon, to let you know what exactly will be happening with the Friends of the Pirate Park group (FoPP). This includes those children who signed up to be on the Children’s Committee!

We look forward to seeing you at the park soon!


11051808_10153089792940678_3283385619457834925_nThanks to Sita Pops for the fantastic panoramic photos!11110056_10153089802105678_2669090532485763772_o11845157_10154078725823272_8667298244634746576_oThanks to Mark Ryan of Rapicam, for supplying the above image of the site.10900024_10153420295468564_8860784034181140083_o


About themollyqueen

Mollyqueen collective are a Nottingham based Artist collective who work through a range of different mediums. We host regular Marvellous Markets and Night markets offering the opportunity for everyone to express their creativity, create a platform for selling their work and meet lots of other like-minded people. Our events incorporate live music, food, art, creativity and the social aspect of a community with the aim of opening up the world of art to everyone and emphasising the importance of self expression in our daily lives.
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