Face Value merges with Carnival MAD – October 10th 2015

We have the pleasure to announce that we will be joining forces with Making Waves to take part in a fabulous event on Saturday 10th October 2015.  Carnival MAD is a brilliant event that aims to raise awareness of mental health issues via a whole day of Mayhem and Merriment. The event will be taking place in a fabulous venue, details to be announced very soon….

M – maladjusted to unfairness, unkindness and oppression

A – activists and architects of resilience and wellbeing for ourselves and others

D – dedicated to dialogue, deconstruction and discovery

Face Value will be exhibiting local artwork based around the themes of mental health, stigma, recovery and other artist interpretations. There will be poetry, live music, performance art, well-being workshops, nutritional therapy – ‘good mood food’ workshops and more.

We will be posting a lot of information over the next few weeks, including how to get involved, what to expect, where to find us and everything else you need to know.

Face Value postflyer copy


About themollyqueen

Mollyqueen collective are a Nottingham based Artist collective who work through a range of different mediums. We host regular Marvellous Markets and Night markets offering the opportunity for everyone to express their creativity, create a platform for selling their work and meet lots of other like-minded people. Our events incorporate live music, food, art, creativity and the social aspect of a community with the aim of opening up the world of art to everyone and emphasising the importance of self expression in our daily lives.
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